Stafford's World Is a weekly radio programme, presented by Mark Stafford You can hear the show around the world on over 40 great radio stations, such as 4WHO 99.7FM Queensland Australia, Skyline Gold in Hampshire, Castle Radio in Spain, Radio KFM 96.3 Kingaroy in Australia, Tulip FM in Spalding, Lincolnshire, The BLENZ 107.4FM in Stillwater, New Zealand, TD1 Radio in Galashiels, Scotland, Cool Radio in Ingoldstadt in Germany, Oldies Paradise on the Internet & many more stations.. LATEST NEWS  AUGUST 2014 - UPDATE Stafford’s World is a simulcast radio show available free-of- charge for re-broadcasting on any radio station. The shows are non-customised and contain no advertising. There are filler breaks allowing you to substitute your own ads and promos etc. Just drop an email to for more information. Easy Rock Paradise is a new internet radio station, playing music from the slightly softer side of rock. They put out Stafford’s World programmes several times a week. Click on the player on the right  to listen to Easy Rock Paradise.You can hear the first play of all Stafford’s World shows every Sunday afternoon at 6pm UK Time with a repeat at 4pm UK on Monday afternoons. More details can be found here
Summer 2014 and news of more stations taking Stafford's World. We have now added these stations to the list. They are already broadcasting Stafford's World or will be in the very near future: Crystal FM 107.4 FM - Penicuik Midlothian in Scotland Fresh FM 104 FM Benhavis Spain Heroes Radio VCR Radio If you are on the South Coast of England in the Eastbourne area, you will be able to hear Stafford's World on Radio Airbourne on 87.7FM from the 9th to the 17th August READ MORE ........... Stafford’s World now has two brand new “home stations”. You will hear the very first play of all shows on Oldies Paradise and also Easy Rock Paradise. You can either tune in by clicking the players on this website or visiting the Oldies Paradise website at or the Easy Rock Paradise website at  Want to be the first to hear all Stafford’s World shows? LISTEN TO STAFFORD’S WORLD          UPDATED STATION LIST FOR THE FULL LIST OF STATIONS CURRENTLY BROADCASTING STAFFORD’S WORLD CLICK THE LISTEN BUTTON ON THE MENU ABOVE OR HERE
Oldies Paradise Oldies Paradise plays music from one of the biggest radio music libraries on the whole planet. If you like the Stafford’s World Flashback Shows you’ll love Oldies Paradise! You can hear the first play of all Stafford’s World shows every Sunday afternoon at 6pm UK Time on Oldies Paradise with a repeat at 10am UK on the following Saturday morning. Click on the player on the right to listen to Oldies Paradise.
Oldies Paradise Oldies Paradise